Asset Protection Using Asset Protection Trusts

Asset Protection Using Asset Protection Trusts

Did you know that an average stay in a nursing home is up to five years? At an average cost of $90,250 per year in Virginia, that is over $450,000! Many people are completely unprepared for such overwhelming costs.

Is this something that you are likely to experience?

Many of our clients say, “I am never going into a nursing home.” But, statistically, if you are single and over age 65, there is a 50% chance of a stay in a long-term-care facility, and a married couple has a 70% chance of one of them spending some time in a nursing home or other long-term-care facility.

We help you look at your options. Is long term care insurance right for you? Can you afford it? Many of our clients choose an Asset Protection Trust to protect themselves and their loved ones from the devastating costs of long term care, so that their life’s savings are not completely wiped out. The key is to plan now, rather than to react later. We can help you plan, as we have done for hundreds of families throughout Virginia.

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